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A selection of recent and past (70s) author photo work by Miguel Proença, including Way home, Terra Cinza, Arcades, Alqueva – changing scape, Sinigaglia Fair, Sunday Afternoon, and others.


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Collaborative landscape page – paisagem estranha entranha

Double Village

Double Village

Double Village is the exhibition catalogue tittle. Double Village opened in 2013, and presents photographic work of the authors concerning the moving and resettling processes of Luz village and its population.

Photographs by Afonso Alves, António Carrapato, Benjamim Enes Pereira, Fernando Guerra, Miguel Proença, and Pedro Pacheco, texts by António Carrapato and Miguel Proença.

AAVV, Beja: Museu da Luz/ EDIA, 2014, ISBN 978-972-8666-16-3.

Alqueva – paisagem que muda povo que espera

Alqueva – paisagem que muda povo que espera
Alqueva – paisagem que muda povo que espera, 2007, (b&w) photo book, António Oliveira Soares text, Patrícia Proença design, Arte Contempo, Lisbon· mp

Alqueva – paisagem que muda povo que espera

“Alqueva Dam – changing landscape, a people waiting”

2007, (B&W) photo book, with text by António Oliveira Soares, design by Patrícia Proença.

Arte Contempo, Lisbon.

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Milano Free magazine · comission work · 2000-01

Milano Free magazine · covers

During the Milan years (1997-2001) one of the commissioned works was for the newly launched Milano Free magazine (Media UP). This was a city guide based on local goings on in terms of art and culture.  Here a few of the covers photographed for the magazine, more will be added as I unpack my Milano boxes (1997-2001). I had the privilege of living about 100m away from Santa Maria delle Grazie, a Dominican monastery with the Cenacolo Vinciano (Leonardo’s Last Supper) on the refectory wall, during the time of its last restoration in preparation for the 2000 Jubilee. These visits later led to the “Sunday afternoon” work, a 3 x 0,4 montage work.

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Arts & Traps from Earth to Sea

Arts & Traps from Earth to Sea

Arts & Traps from earth to sea (Artes & Artimanhas da terra para o mar)

2000, Photo book (B&W), bilingual (pt/en), with Raquel Delgado Martins (text), design by Patrícia Proença.

Casa das Artes de Tavira, 2000.

A selection of works and additional information on the Publications page.