Corrosion by light

Corrosion by light (t. of Corrosão pela luz) is the working tittle for this process that explores the photographic self portrait genre approaching a cognitive frontier. It was initially presented in postcard format (10x15cm) at the 2007 initiativa-X at Arte Contempo a Lisbon gallery (2004-2012).

The final version of the project can be seen here: Photon Corrosion


Photon Corrosion

Existential photography · rememoration · fragments · beware · mp

Existential photography · rememoration

Looking back at photos can have two sides, on one a rememoration of who was present / what was being done, and the possibility of re-rememorating in an effort to make sense, to build some sort of existential wholeness of ones life experience history, and this latter side, or path, seems so much more constructive and productive. The photograph tells you you where there, in or out of the scene – so at least some sort of complicity exists with what went on.

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Portraits · casual portraits · UK in the 70s & 80s · boarding school · mp

Casual portraits

One of the wonderful things about boarding school is the informality with which we talked, communicated between peers. This was particularly useful to try out portraits of schoolmates in various settings. I’m sure a lot more are in the negative/slides stored and these will also eventually surface. Here are a few casual portraits made in varied settings.

This was a self-taught approach, with few books on photography in the art department [Family of Man, Bill Brandt and Exploring Photography (BBC series)] alongside many more art books. The contrasts, the reality, the spontaneity, the sharpness are all aspects I remember from that time. Here are the first few such (more or less) cases of what I call casual photographic portrait.

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